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I found events in and around my life a bit much to take lately. So I got dyspeptic in a hip hop kind of way.

April 14, 2017
Woke up this morning

All the muscles in my head ache
my body in thrall to every pain
there’s a lunatic in charge of this hospital,
I’m waiting for the next act to fall.

Didn’t want to get out of bed
shake the covers from over my head
Worried that the world’s gone to hell
in a handbasket or not, it’s hard to tell

News is my prognosis is good
But the devil says I’ve misunderstood
The situation could be bleaker its true
Since the facts are soft they can be misconstrued

When did the world turn to bedlam
When did we throw ourselves down headlong
made some choices that repercuss
in ways that make me shout “this is enough”

I’d like to take on an act of defenestration
make someone in charge take a long vacation
put the lunatics back in their cozy rooms
take a long rest, return, ripe with bloom.