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I’m posting a (poetry) work in progress today as well as some pix of Easter finery. Back when our kids were young we would have an egg hunt and brunch and I find I’m missing that. Perhaps next year.

My finery

My grandmother’s hat. I bought it for her for my wedding.

What the east wind brings

I’ve joined the ranks of crones
who wear hats on Easter
in recollection of their youth.

I wear lipstick
the deep red of cherries
as I never did in my spring youth.

I put on heels, impractical shoes
prancing and pretty,
replace the functional flats of youth.

And color splashes in my clothes
where black once uniformed
the seriousness of my youth

I just may be Eostre’s egg
awaiting my rebirth.

NaPoWriMo is half over.  I’ve hit a kind of burn out crisis point but that is one of the risks of building a practice. I also had a crisis of another sort when researching the repercussions of posting poems on my own blog. More on that later. For now, enjoy your day. And eat a chocolate rabbit ears first.


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