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I was doing some research and reading about submitting poems for publication and was brought up short by the report that some publishers consider personal blog publishing as equal to being “previously published” and for that reason will not accept your poem (or to be more accurate, you should not submit that poem to them).

It’s given me pause, caused to re-think what I might be putting on my blog for the rest of the month.  I did not consider this as akin to publishing in part I guess because paper feels real to me while virtual materials, especially those on my own website or blog, seem ephemeral although in reality these bits do seem to live forever (witness peoples’ Facebook pages after they have died – they still exist). One solution might be to take down the post if I decide to send in something for publication. Another option might be to clearly indicate the poems as “draft” material  and then edit like crazy before submission.  I don’t know if this skirt the intent of the rule of “previously published material” but I like to think there are options.

The personal seems personal to me, while sending something away, beyond my small circle of friends or blog readers, seems a step into the bigger world.

So for this post, I leave you with some fragments, nothing special, just some noodling while I ponder my own message.

The jury’s out, I wonder
what verdict they’ll maintain
Pronounced upon my head
my own judgement is striking
like a guillotine’s blade

Always picked last for tag
I know what you think of me
tolerated, some occasional way.
what is it that you don’t like
yet can’t tell me to go away?

my usual crisis of courage has come
go home, get out of the way
I shut the door stop my ears
back to my own damn place
of last in line.