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NaPoWriMo is three weeks old but it’s end is looking me squarely in the eye. One more week of poetry, one more week of sharing the end result of patience (or impatience, whatever I might be feeling to get another poem out the door.)

I took the NaPo prompt from yesterday a georgic. The original georgic poem was written by Virgil, and while it was ostensibly a practical and instructional guide regarding agricultural concerns….  It is definitely one of my least fully formed poems of these past weeks… there are good nuggets, maybe too many of them spread them (gravel?).  Maybe it’s two poems in here.  So for today, April 23, here it is


April 23: How to grow a star

 Be mindful of the earth wherepon you place a step.
The ladder goes here, you are set to harvest
some brilliant thing from the sky, souls of
your children, souls of your parents returned
to the luminous heavens.
You have earned the right to climb
to where you’ve been before, before the light
claimed the seed. The pip has been planted,
the fruiting body present but lacking,
an essential element absent. You are set
to reap, too soon.
Psyche was too mortal, in love with the
winged Cupid. The breath of love conjoined
borne to meet the unknown,
borne to some rebirth.
Three trials she must undertake,
three trials to break betrayal.
Passion giving way to trust.
Trust giving way to tenderness
The wedding night is set, time to reap.