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Following the NaPo prompt today which I haven’t in quite awhile. I actually wrote two poems. The first is indeed using the prompt:

April 25 –  Shelter (a small poem)

That closet was my first love where I could hide
Sharing did not permit what I desired

Even when we moved to bigger digs
the family just pressed too close to my skin

Sized just for me, pillow on the floor
Light for reading, shelves for books.

One other time I lived in a closet
Not with the first love, no but with the best

Space adequate for two, a double bed
Shared room enough for what I desired

Put me in a tiny house, a Roma caravan
Close enough to touch, far enough to roam.

This second is the work still needing work! A newspaper clip on a lost fugitive (24, as old as my son) whose remains were found on a trail I frequent was the push for this one.

Stumbling on my own remains,

What the hell am I doing here
three miles on the Dry Creek Trail
do I even know that?
Wait, that’s right, I stole a car
tailed by the cops, yeah I remember
It was cold and snowy
they tailed me to a creek, man that water
rushed high.

It wasn’t the first car I stole
no, not the second neither always
looking for the joy in a ride,
big trucks get stuck too, stuck
in the drifts. I saw the cabins
when my footsteps stopped at the creek
Rock jumping has always been a
mine, I just kept going they
kept coming til they didn’t. Could’ve
stopped. Didn’t.

Man am I cold. Those damn trees are
everywhere, not like where I’m from,
take me back
there will you. I haven’t had anything to
eat for days and the snow is too damn cold.
My bed too, hell even the jail
bed was softer than this. Hey I think I
see my mom. Hey mom. HEY MOM. Or was it
my dad, damn him.  But she’s dead. Dead.
Mom bailed me out of jail once. Maybe that’s why she’s

I think I’ll just lie down a minute. Mom, can
you wake me after ten. Then we can walk


NaPoWriMo is almost done! What will I do with all this free time!