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I taught tonight and what with getting ready and riding my bike home, fatigue is getting the best of me and I haven’t focused quite as much on my wordsmithing.  That said, for some reason people love to talk to me and I pick up quite a few interesting conversations while I’m commuting on the streetcar. This tends not to happen on the bus so there might be something about streetcar passengers.  Typically these conversations are more one sided than really conversational.

So tonight’s poem is taken from one of those recent conversations.

 The contents of our conversation

Just bought a bike off

of my buddy. Five bucks

good price eh. It might

of been stolen, don’t care

though, if it was stolen or not,

cuz I mean 5 bucks. And anyway

I probably’ll lose it, I’m

always losing all kinds of

shit. I’ll just put it down

and forget about it. Like I

can’t remember where

I put anything, my driver’s license

money, blocked out.

I can just buy another

one if I do, if I need it to get

somewhere. I can’t drink but if

I’ve had a sip of beer, I like

I black out or something

start losing shit. That happens

a lot. It doesn’t

matter – got no family even

if I did it wouldn’t matter.

It’s just all up to me whether I do

or don’t.

That’s a nice bike you’ve got.