With Napowrimo over the April poem routine has petered out. Much as I wish it were not true, by this, the first week of May, other things have come to fill the routine gap.  I’m teaching two courses this spring, one online and one face to face and both of these take time.  More time than one might expect. There’s a lot of reading especially with the online course.

It’s to easy to upend my priorities. Too easy to spend a little too much time on social media. Or crafting the perfect response to my students. Too easy to get depressed or exasperated by local and national politics. And all of this, this kind of negative routine, saps the creative spirit.  While some things do need attending to (my students!, my garden, my friends) other things could be given a pass.

One thing I’ve been spending some time on has been a fundraiser for one of my favorite arts organizations.  I’ll be talking more about nonprofits and fundraising in the coming weeks but I got to combine some more creative activities (decor for the event) with the more mundane efforts of raising money.

Prepped to go

In some ways, fun as these things are, they are still distractions.  I sometimes wonder at myself, that focus is elusive.  I begin again,  I remind myself what’s important. Set out on another day to keep those things in focus once again. Practice.


May 7, 2017

It was something to keep tethered
So she wouldn’t float away
Some mix of tears and the cloudy sky

Feel your feet,
Feel your toes inside your shoes
the soles pressing against the ground
feel your calves, knees, thighs
pressing against the air
not your head
don’t feel your head
feel something that will not
steal your soul. Your feet.

The present chases itself
Can’t be bothered with the past
Brings along with it barbed wire and sunshine.


Feel your feet.