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Why, or perhaps how, is it July already?  I find that the time speeds up in about June and before I know it, summer has ended and it’s December.  A particular form of time warping occurs when I go back to visit my family in the Midwest.  A two-week trip compresses itself magically into seeming to take 5 days. I know it’s not true but my body and brain are tricked into believing a particular kind of condensation occurs. Minutes to seconds, days to hours, weeks to days.

My trip coincided with my aunt’s 94th birthday. She worked until she was 90 (really, as a receptionist for a high-tech firm – almost unbelievable). She didn’t collect social security under her own name til she was 91 – widowed at 54 she’d been collecting widow’s benefits until then. She is an aunt by marriage and her mother also lived into her 90s.  She is still kickin’ it although I think this may be her last trip to the Midwest from California.

The birthday girl. Born almost on the 4th of July!

My own mom is still in recovery from my father’s death in February.  I think she’s not grieving exactly but in some kind of shell shock or PTSD.  She was his caregiver (as I’ve talked about) with the care giving increasingly burdensome in the last nine months.  I was somehow sweetly moved to come across my dad’s neatly folded underwear and socks, untouched as yet.  The house is quieter without his puttering, and swearing.  She is still game – we went to a water park although she kept to the quieter rides.  She was probably the oldest grandmother there!

My mom on the left and her sister, and me of course.

Possibly because I spent much of the time in solicitude, catering to my mom, that I came away from my “vacation” more tired than when I left.  Maybe that’s part of the time warp.  The effect of time on our bodies is also a way time warps, emphasis on the warp.  We go from being capable and strong to, well, less so.  Reverting to some place of our childhood when our vigor and capacity were limited.  I’m not saying this has to happen, in fact, as my aunt and mom might attest, it is possible to keep sharp as you age.  Even so, time is inescapable.  If we are lucky we will grow older – time, with increasing warp speed, will wing forward, propelling us into the inevitable.

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