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It’s hotter than Hooter in Heater!

An old line I recollect (from Firesign Theater for those of you that might care and be old enough to remember) whenever the weather gets hot.  And it does, occasionally, get hot in the typically cool and rainy Pacific NW.  This summer has been especially intense, almost drought like with these past few days bringing temps in the 90’s and topping 100 for several days straight. More reminiscent of the desert that our climate. Though a little heat wave happens almost every summer.

On my instigation, David and I took off for our cabin, a little over an hour away. Rustic by way of shack-like, but bordering a small creek, it’s without indoor plumbing (think outhouse instead), electricity, phone service or internet. I love it.  Our stays are all about cooking, reading, playing in the creek and hiking. It’s about as far away from modern life as it could be short of camping.

At the cabin, the heat of the city is a little moderated, tucked up as it is in some elevation and in a creek draw.  I can get work done with the siren call of email and the internet, a bit more physically comfortable. Not worry so much about upcoming obligations. (Flowers for an outdoor wedding on Sunday when it’s scheduled to be over 90. What, me worry?)

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with hats.  This year’s trip to the dermatologist was to have some spots on my nose checked out.  Age spots I guess they are, not the freckles of my youth.  “Nothing to worry about, just some sun damage. Wear 50 SPF sunscreen. And a hat.”

We have a car with a sun roof that’s always uncovered. Maybe that did it. You take the light when and where you can in our notoriously gloomy climate. I don’t think of a hat then.

The wearing a hat part, not really a problem although I’ve not been assiduous about wearing a hat for sun protection. My head gets very hot in the summer and even a light weight straw hat can be a bother.  I haven’t really liked those hats with the holes in the crown but that might be in my future.

The sun is not my friend right now. The heat is not my friend and we’ve had both in abundance.

My advice to myself (and to anyone over 40)

Stay hydrated (always)
Wear 50 SPF
And a hat.

Over to Hat Attack for this month’s inspiration. And Visible Monday.  Better late than….

It may be a shack but it’s our very pleasant shack.