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I must say this every other week…. where does the time go.  And this summer is not exception what with the travel and the guests and the events.

Obviously I’ve been here before, as I wrote about it a few months ago. Perhaps I should rename the blog to “Times Fly”.  But rather than bore you with all of that, and because I really haven’t had time to do any deep thinking or writing lately, I thought I’d share a few hats and what have you’s found or made in the last few months.

Art Projects – parking strip installations.


Garage Sale Finds.

an orange hat for my orange-loving sister

A bird house for my mom

And a lovely spread at a backyard wedding.


Finally, one of me, modeling a new hat.

For a peek at the 52 Vase Challenge (which is all about flowers) head over to Rooms in Bloom.

Til the next inspiration strikes, I may be checking in at Hat Attack and Visible Monday.

See you there.