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After our acclimatization days, we headed off into the mangrove swamps and salt flats of the Sine-Saloum delta where we fulfilled a dream of mine to stay in a treehouse.  Our accommodations were basic yet luxurious: the air soft and warm, bird song on every current.  This was (and is) hardly the kind of travel I usually do. But it is deeply restorative to have a few days of just reading, writing, thinking and genial conversation.


One of our day trips took us into the mangrove swamps where small villages perch on land that probably accumulated over decades if not centuries. It reminded me of the Louisiana bayou area and yet so very different.  Birds were everywhere and Audubon’s work in that area came to mind easily.


I was particularly taken with the bathroom in our cabin. The sink was made from a calabash.



Our magic time included an incredible silvery moon, captured in the lagoon and many birds drinking and bathing at the swimming pool.  The salt ponds were also fabulous.