Besides the typical clothes/food markets and the artisanants where traditional craftspeople make and sell objects (often tourist souvenirs), Dakar contains an artist colony, the Village des Arts.

This artist colony was a self-initiated effort some years ago (1977!) by working artists who needed a place to do their work. I found this fascinating as a deeper look into its history shows it was also a self-governing space, “unofficial” in its status with the government.

It is now has some government support. Not every artist can work here so the quality is high.  In the ateliers we visited, there was a nice combination of large and small works, painting and sculpture.

Our adventurous cab ride took us through some interesting parts of Dakar. Witness the “tire factory”



M’sier greets you near the entrance –


He has had a fuller past apparently, in old photos I’ve found he is holding a drum.

My photos are primarily of the outside space.  I felt uncomfortable taking photographs of artists in their studios so concentrated on outside shots and few in the gallery.

Sculptural works of various kinds are found scattered in the garden.  A shout out to my welder friend Angie for a future project.






Possibly my favorite picture


I found an interesting in depth article on the Village and one of its artists done by an American professor here.

The need to create is everywhere.