From the smoggy sun of Dakar to the soggy streets of Paris. A brief winter visit to the City of Light which was, surprise, still lit by Christmas.

The streets were still full, albeit less full than in summer. The Seine was full, much more than in the summer. And The Louvre, well we didn’t have to stand in line and got 20 minutes to ourselves in one of the galleries.

We put on our puffy coats, and promenaded as best as we could. (It’s darn hard to look chic in a puffy coat.)

Some selections from the streets and Musées.

Anna and Ashley
Puffy coat brigade overlooking the Seine


Monet and Dada together?  In a manner of speaking. Same museum.


Sometimes the Louvre itself is more interesting than the art.



Outside, trees are bare and the Seine is flooding.


The tip of Île de la Cité is under water

Sometimes you just see things differently. Either because they were put there deliberately,


Or because they found you out somehow.

IMG_1607 (3)



Animal figures
Anthropomorphic animal figures at the Musee Quai Branly
Notre Dame at night (2)
Notre Dame at night

And then there are the things you don’t notice until way after you’ve taken the photo– in this case how like palm trees these buttresses are. Taking me back to Dakar.

Palm trees in church


From the end of the trip, to the start.