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We were gone for a month and in three weather zones: Chicago, Dakar, Paris. In other words way below freezing, temperate and windy, and moderately cold and rainy.  I like to pack light.

To my advantage, I had access to my sisters’ wardrobes for Chicago and my daughter’s for Dakar. But I needed to have a solid background of items for myself.

Turns out I did pretty well. Although my traveling companions saw the same outfits day in and day out.

To be fair the middle outfit is my daughters.

I did all right in Dakar and Senegal where no matter what I was obviously a tourist.  But of course in Paris, what I really wanted to be wearing were these lovelies:

French clothes 3

French clothes 2

French clothes 1

Nonetheless I must have looked somewhat different than the usual traveler, having been mistaken for a French speaker at one of the museums. Of course I was wearing black.

I did have three articles of clothing made in Dakar, which is always fun. Two were based on an existing piece of clothing. And one from some African fabric my husband bought.





IMG_1645 (2)

Third piece

I am now curating what I brought to be better prepared for the next trip. There were a few things I ended up never wearing. And I few things I wish I had had (more underwear, low cut socks).

Jet lag is almost done and I’m back to my normal sleep schedule.  Time to figure out what’s blooming in the garden. And to plan the next trip.


In getting this post ready I stumbled on this website: http://dresslikeaparisian.com/blog/. I haven’t checked it out very thoroughly but I am intrigued.