In my work and creative time, I am a floral designer (well in some of my work time).  I tend to not let this spill over into the Travelindigo blog because  this is where I talk about all kinds of other things.   The difficulty comes in when I want to share the same topic in two different places.  So with this post, I point you to another post, this one on Valentine’s day and flowers.

I love flowers. I love foliage, greenery, gardening.  All of the things that take us back in touch with Mother Nature and with the importance of the earth. I love flowers because they also put us back in touch with the cycles of life and the sense of impermanence that really does exist, even if we chose to close our eyes to it.

Flowers (and plants) emerge, bud, come to fruition and flower, seed, and then fade.  No matter how much we try to extend the life of a flower, especially a cut flower, it will always come to an end. Just like our lives.  And if we are lucky, our span of existence will be as graceful as a flower as it slowly lowers itself back to earth.

Not everyone gives and receives flowers as gifts. I get that. Some people think its a waste of money because the flowers will die (Hey, what about food, we just eat that. Isn’t that a waste? Because we just die). Others because flowers take up land that could be used for growing food. Or because they have never thought about gifting flowers.  But flowers are the beauty in our lives and we sorely need a boost of beauty, sometimes quite often.  My flower blog has the tag line: When you have only two pennies buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

I’ve seen this sentiment echoed in a number of cultures in a number of ways. It is not enough to have nutrition for our bodies, we also need food for our souls. Art, style, music… and flowers are that sustenance.

So here’s a little excerpt:

It’s fun to put together a bouquet using the language of flowers. For example, put together a bouquet of  red roses (passion,) red tulips (love). Alstromeria (devotion), stock (beauty) and ivy (let us bind together).  A card reinforcing the message is all that’s left to deliver your floral poem of love.

and check out my other blog, Rooms in Bloom if you are inclined for some thinking outside the bouquet for Valentine’s Day.