I don’t know if its because I spent all my energy traveling, or because it’s February but I have felt like I am slogging through fog this month. I usually tackle all kinds of house projects (lets clean the basement!) but no.  I am committing myself to writing at least a page a day of a novel I’m working on – committing sounds much better than ‘trying’ doesn’t it.

I am getting out. David and I have had several ‘date nights’ this month where I shrug myself out of lassitude and get dressed, like this:

IMG_1708 (2)

The vesty thing you may have remembered as one of the things I had made in Senegal. I am quite pleased with it.

IMG_1712 (2)


And, every Monday I head over to a workspace to repurpose flowers at the The Bloom Project.  I may have written about the project before which uses flowers leftover from wholesale dealers and grocery stores to put together bouquets for people in hospice.  The day my dad died last year I was not near him, unfortunately 2,000 miles away, but I was sending beauty to other hospice patients through my work that day at Bloom.

It is strange to have a vibrant loved one fade before your eyes.  It reminded me of child development, how kids first learn to babble, then sound words, then talk.  Or learning to walk when they start with scooting, then crawling, then standing and low and behold they are walking.  With people dying it is just the reverse, they are folding back in on themselves.

I’m not sure my dad would have appreciated the flowers, he was not that kind of nature/beauty lover. But my mom would have. So I imagine my bouquets bring joy to someone in the last phase of life or their families.


On this homebound day (it snowed!) I’m going to check out Visible Monday