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Its National/Global poetry writing month and I’ve been hard at at with my lovely international group of April poet friends.

Between that and the start of the teaching term, I’ve hardly kept up.  So today I give you my poem for April 8.

Spell it out

take two parts of your own beliefs
wrapped in someone else’s cynicism
you can’t win for trying
on that woman’s point of view
but you can charm a snake
eyes set of lies.

keep your own bits of hair
to burn, and your fingernails out
of the trash, roving bands of fairies might come
to take a hit out on your life; keep close
your thoughts, closer still
your memories,

wrap up everything you own
that has touched your clever body
melt your lipstick down when it’s too old
to stain your mouth, keep your teeth
keep your counsel,
this spell is your own.