I’ve had fun with various things that have popped into my head for poems.  This one was a take off on the Napowrimo prompt of using sayings. I just did a mash up of some.

I’m one foot in the grave
my ear to the ground
listening for evidence of lightening
striking twice.
When it does I’m sure
it won’t rain, it will pour
from clouds that have a silver lining.

It’s not my cup of spilled milk
to drink lemonade made from life’s lemons.
That said, the pig’s in the poke
and not in the fry pan fire, so let’s
make a meal of out of it,
the peas that are the cream of the pod,
cookie crumbles and a hasty cake.
It will be delicious I’m sure.

When we’re done eating,
I’ll get this show on the road
traveling with the horse of a different color.
Traveling to when the grass is greener where the sun shines.