NaPoWriMo is coasting to April’s end. This is a recent addition to my practice for the month.

April 18, 2018

The last time I went to Disneyland
my dad was 80, with my sisters
and his love of roller coasters we rode
as many as he could.
Braided our way between children and families
Coaxed even the responsible eldest (me)
onto the scary rides.
Spending a day in someone else’s childhood

I have a picture of that day taken
with a real camera, the four of us,
my father flocked with his girls,
3 sunglassed sisters with lookalike
smiles and golden hair
all outshining the California sun.

This time I went with
my dad’s love of coasters,
his own love soaring beyond
where I can see.
My sisters have migrated elsewhere,
the pictures are selfies.
Only the California sun shines on