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National/International Poetry Writing Month just ended with a whimper on my end. May Day (May 1) is a dawn dance out with my dance team to celebrate the absolute end of winter so my ending April poem was not much of anything.  In fact I am squeezing in this post as I have an exceptionally busy week so I’m killing two birds with one stone — last NaPoWriMo poem (although not last poem I should think) and shout out to Judith’s May Hat Attack.

First, a Kind of Quatern on the King of Pentacles (from a NaPoWriMo prompt)

The King of Pentacles is asleep on his throne
grasping for all the world, his riches
The fruits of his Kingdom appear on his robes,
he is roused by bull and fruit.

He dreams the truth (or what he wishes)
The King of Pentacles asleep on his throne
that he, like Midas’ in golden glory
will turn ambition into wealth

The King in his counting house
keeps company with money,
His daughter asleep on the pentacled throne
He’ll not take her credit, when the loan is due.

Daughters clutch love for their fathers
the way a miser shelters his pennies.
She’s paid a mortgage on her sorrow.
While the King of Pentacles slept on his throne.

My April 30 poem was rather lame as I was up at dawn, as I mentioned. Morris (a kind of English folk dance) teams  all over the world get up too early on Mayday to dance up the sun. You can google Morris dance + Mayday for examples if you like, I won’t bore you with it. But by May 2, today, everything is back to normal and I’m ready in my work clothes to teach this evening.

Gifted hat, thrifted shoes, jacket and dress.


May your May bring  you quick showers and brilliant flowers!