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Yesterday, we headed down to a small city/suburb to the south to take in a roving art show that a new friend was in — more on that in a bit.  Her work was in an upscale resale shop (my favorite kind) and I strolled around the shop finding lovely pieces.  The shop was a maze of small rooms with wonderful pieces: clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, interspersed with art for the show.  In the back, the $5 rack had a trove of treasures including this BCBG dress (which I paired with an long skirt) for an interesting 1890’s look. Should have brought out my parasol and gloves!

with gifted hat, recycled skirt and thrifted shoes

Another with more detail of the front.

We were more fancy free than usual yesterday, finding time in the late of the day to visit another friend’s rug sale, the art show, and spontaneously visit with some friends. It reminded me of being younger, sans children, and just doing things because we felt like it. Of course it didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful day, the kind of day that lifts your spirits and makes the whole world feel wonderful.

More about serendipity. My birthday is this month! and in the spirit of having a significant year, I’m doing things out of my ordinary (I went to Disneyland in April).  Late in May, I and my dear loved one went to the regional Burning Man called Soak.  If you don’t know about Burning Man, well you may just have to visit the website Burning Man for a richer description but the short story is for a week, about 80,000 people gather in the Nevada desert to practice art, love, gifting, self-reliance, music, and a whole lot more. I’ve never been for various reasons (all those people!) but wanted to experience it somehow. So we went to Soak and joined a group called Newbie Camp for, well, newbies.  As we were talking with one of the camp organizers, we discovered he had just been to Senegal and Mali visiting his sister — we had just been to Senegal as well in Jan.  He shared pictures. We talked places we’d been. The conversation turned to what his sister had been doing and where they stayed in Mali. Oh, the Sleeping Camel. Huh, that’s where are daughter had lived before moving on to Senegal.

We sent Devon a text. Do you know so and so?  Of course, they had been roommates.

I gifted poems at SOAK. I hope poetry in sight, sound, or words enters your life today.

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