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Or rather, where have I been?

  • Celebrating
  • Working
  • Suffering from the heat
  • Enjoying the cool nights
  • Teaching
  • Gardening
  • Day tripping
  • Working
  • Volunteering
  • Berry picking
  • Making jam
  • Working
  • Teaching

Last month was a significant birthday and instead of a party, I met with friends at a local bistro for tapas, drinks and desserts.  It was a lovely evening with the calm surrender of the sun to a cooler night. I rummaged the closet for a dress I had made when I turned 40 (which, I might add, was several decades ago).

Earlier in the spring, I took a whimsical leap and got a job at my local nursery/garden store.  This resulted in the repeat of ‘working’ in my list above.  Three days a week I am watering plants and providing customer service: expanding my knowledge of plants and plant care; and acquiring treasures to put in my garden.  On top of that, I am teaching an online course this summer.  My retired husband shakes his head and plays the guitar (and waters, and waters, and waters the garden).

My work clothes are utilitarian. Nothing, well almost nothing, of my usual flair. I’ll save pictures of my work wardrobe for a later post although my utilikilt, featured here, is a stapleA shoehorn post

I am humbled every day in what I don’t know and delighted when I can put together displays that please the eye.

For now, I need to do some watering before I go to work to water!

My flower crown. Heading over, late!, to show it off at Hat Attack