Portlander by choice, creative individual by birthright, I live surrounded by friends, family, food and all manner of fun.  I’m in the “test” phase with this blog as I’m trying to write regularly and see where it takes me (and you).

In no particular order, here are some random “facts” about me.

  • I’m an introvert (no really) who likes to throw a good party.
  • I love hats.
  • My many interests include cooking, gardening, singing and dancing.
  • I invented a cocktail involving home-made quince liquor.
  • My husband is an IT guy w/ a degree in English who is working on his guitar skills.
  • I keep chickens….I live in Portland after all.

About my blog name.  I actually really, really wanted to name this blog “bright shiny objects.” But that was already taken. Those of you that blog know that a good blog name is rather hard to pin down.  So, in casting about for ideas I combined two elements of my life:  I like to travel, and some colleagues had taken to referring to me as “LindaGo” (perhaps because I am almost always on the go, as well as a play on my last name). I put the two together but intend to not be limited by either.



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